Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Best Combat Boots for Spring

Sooo.... all I am craving lately is plaid and combat boots! LMAO!!! The 90's called and it wants it's style back- hahaha but seriously though I LOVE combat boots paired with black yoga pants and a tee, or with jeans and tee/henley/plaid for a cute-casual spring look! 

Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you I'm primarily a heels 24/7 girl, but lately I have a lot of outdoor activities on my schedule that require ...more practical footwear - lol! Aaaanyway I love this look! I think it's so cute and cool and slightly British and punk-rock. In a funny way it's also a timeless look, as combat boots are always going to be an a**-kicking addition to your wardrobe.

I am not sure about the practicality of these, but I love the look! So cute. Glitter makes everything more fun.

These. are. AWESOME!!! They have kind of mixed reviews in terms of the quality, but they're so cute I'd be willing to try them out.

I also really like them in black:

And in red!


I also really like these white ones. My only hesitation is I wonder how practical a white boot is... but again, for the price I'd probably give them a try.

These over-the-knee ones are bomb but might be a bit hot for spring. They are pretty fierce though:

The classic:

I have to say I love that these have a zipper compartment for valuables. That's genius! They also come in a BUNCH of different colors. I looked at a LOT of combat boots, but these have great reviews, I love the look and the compartment, and for the price these would probably be my choice.

Happy shopping *and stomping* ladies!


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Packing Guide: What to Wear to Visit Your Parents in the Midwest

You guys this is seriously one of the HARDEST blog posts I've EVER had to write!!! Know why? Because dressing for a Midwestern climate is a logistical nightmare and it normally ain't that cute. Yes I said ain't! I'm from the Midwest!:)

Aaaanyway I feel like I've finally come very very close to pinning down the winning formula that is the right combination of a crazy amount of layers to be ready for all the types of weather you know are going to come at you, while still looking somewhat put-together. Enjoy!

First we have your new best friend: the flannel button down:

This is key because it's really warm yet light enough to work all year round. I just got back from Michigan and even though some days were 70 degrees I pretty much wore this constantly because, you know, a cloud can come over and the temperature drops 10 - 15 degrees instantly;) This is THE best plaid button down EVER! It's literally my favorite weekend shirt (besides the henley above.) Just so comfy, and strikes the perfect balance of weekend casual-cool, feels like pajamas, yet still looks like an outfit. Just the best.

Next up: bring a few tees in different colors (e.g. navy, gray, and white). They're the perfect light underneath layer, and you can tie them up too to look a little extra cute, since it's kind of a
masculine look overall:

Layering is key when temperatures can fluctuate 20 - 30 degrees in the course of a day. This way you can easily take off (or add) layers and you'll always be the perfect temperature.

Your next key layering piece is the quilted vest:

I am absolutely obsessed with vests. Here's why: they're warm but not bulky, so you can add an extra layer of coziness without looking like the Michelin Man. Awesome. They also look very cool and are a timeless piece of outerwear that will never go out of style. ALSO: because they're sleeveless you can easily pop a jacket over top if you need yet ANOTHER layer! It will work perfectly and looks awesome. Very country-cutie.

Also completely necessary- your hometown team's hoodie:

A cozy extra layer you're sure to need at night or on the plane.

Next up: jeans. You'll need jeans and yoga pants aplenty- that is self explanatory and either can be substituted for this look:

Now THIS is a CRUCIAL part of the look: waterproof shoes. For wet days/ any outdoor activities/ hiking you're gonna need some waterproof shoes:

Quilted Rain Boots: $12.99 (Amazon) *I also love these - because patriotism never goes out of style!:)

 This is something that comes up on literally EVERY trip I make home. I never bring these and I ALWAYS need them and inevitably always regret it.

And then, at the same time for dry days you're also gonna need a good pair of comfy, casual shoes for walking around:

Sperry Top-Sider Slip-on Sneaker: $54.99 (DSW)

I think ideally you should go for a darker colored sneaker like these (not white), because you know, the weather could and probably will change at any moment.

I would also throw a pair of flat sandals into your suitcase - you'll probably end up needing those too:)

I like eyewear that is sporty for this look, since you'll probably be doing some outdoor activities:

I knew I had picked the right eyewear for my recent trip when my Dad asked me if I was wearing his glasses (apparently he has the same pair lol lol:)

And last but not least:

Nothing says home like fuzzy slippers. And you know your feet are going to get chilly. Don't play;) 

*Please note that this is NOT a lake look. Good lord, we'll do that in another post!


Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Cutest Summer Sundress

Red Floral Wrap Dress with Flutter Sleeve: $52.00 (Cosita Boutique)

Happy Friday everybody!!! In honor of the weekend I'm featuring the sweetest little sundress we just got into the boutique! Ladies this is the ultimate summer sundress- here's why: it's completely effortless because it's whisper-light, you just wrap it on your body and it will adjust to your size. It's so light and comfy and will be perfect for the warm weather. It can also do double-duty for you because it will look great for day paired with flat sandals or wedges, and for evening paired with dressier accessories. Check it out!

Style it for day:

Micah Lace Up Flat Sandals: $19.00 (Lulus)

Achilles Gold Flat Ankle Strap Sandals: $20 (Lulus)
Womens Fedora: $14.49 (Amazon)

Metallic Arm Round Sunglasses: $24.50 (Loft)

Or for night:

Urban Expression Maui Clutch: $29.99 (DSW)

SO easy and SO cute. What more can you ask for. I know I'll be wearing this look non-stop this spring/summer for running around town on the weekend, trips to wineries, going out looks, even brunch paired with a little sweater over top!

Hope you all have a fabulous and restful weekend!

Big hug,
Emily xoxo