Friday, January 6, 2012

Essential Coat Collection

The Long Wool Coat

To round out our discussion of basic wardrobe items, here are the essential coats every woman should have in her closet.  When planning what to wear, it is important not to forget that your coat will often go over your entire outfit and will be the piece that almost everyone will see.  There are several basic types of coats that everyone needs to get them from the office, to the evening, to the weekend in style.  Here are my picks of the best of the season in each category.  

*Shopping Tip: Now is the best time to shop for outerwear if there is a piece in your closet that you need, because all of the stores are clearing out the winter merchandise to make room for the summer clothes.  Perfect timing, because it's still cold pretty much everywhere and will be for quite awhile!  All of the coats I have listed here are on sale!  

The Short Coat

The Trench Coat

The Professional Work Coat

The Evening Jacket

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