Friday, January 27, 2012

How to Wear Leggings

Reader question:

Apparently, leggings are huge in Moscow this season, everybody is crazy about them.  What is the right way to wear them?  I myself for some reason bought two pairs...

First, let's start with the truth about cotton leggings: They are not actually pants.  Leggings are a hybrid between tights and pants.  This means that they are basically thick tights and are very revealing.  That said, I know that a lot of women love leggings.  If you are comfortable with the exposure of wearing leggings in public, I think they look best paired with a long, tunic-like top which covers your rear end (as pictured above and below.)  This is slightly more modest, and also more flattering.  A ballet flat completes the look nicely.  

I know leggings are comfortable and it can be hard to find pants that a) fit or b) are skinny enough to fit into winter boots (a look that I love.)  If you like the look of leggings but want a bit more coverage, jean leggings are the answer.  I personally love jean leggings- they have the comfort and fit of a legging, with the style of a jean.  They are great for tucking into tall boots and also look good paired with pumps or flats.  One final thing to keep in mind:  leggings and jean leggings are most flattering if you have a thin, shapely leg.  If you have a curvier leg, a flare, boot-cut, or straight leg jean will be much more flattering on your body.  

My pick:
I just purchased these from Express and they are really cute.  They'll look great for summer paired with a colorful tunic top like the one above, raffia wedge sandals (see this post),  and a bright clutch like this:

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