Friday, January 13, 2012

What to Wear for a Fancy Date Night

Reader question:
I have my third date with a very nice guy on Saturday night.  We are going to a trendy restaurant, and I need to know what to wear to look sexy, but not too sexy, keeping in mind that it is still winter.  What do you recommend?

If you're looking to impress on a fancy date night, you can't go wrong with an elegant, curve-hugging cocktail dress.  Paired with a clutch and a sexy pair of stilettos, this is a great date look that is sure to get your date's attention in a very good way!  Below are some options that are guaranteed to look amazing on date night.  I hope this helps, and have a wonderful time on your date!!

If you don't want to wear a dress, a dressy pair of evening trousers and a sexy top would also work well:


  1. Are there any options that aren't dresses? and If im wearing a dress, what should I wear to keep warm? Are girls still doing shall's / scarfs these days?

  2. Hi and thanks for your comment! A pair of evening trousers would work equally well paired with an embellished top or brightly colored blouse (see above)

  3. If you're cold in the restaurant, an evening jacket is a good choice. I like the Sueded Jacket pictured above, as well as the Talbots Kate Fit Velveteen Jacket in Black.