Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Work Chic on a Budget

Are you on a budget?  Join the club!  It seems like everyone these days is watching their budget, regardless of their income level.  To prove that you can look amazing on any budget, I'd like to show great looks that I put together from everyone's favorite bargain store- Target!  The key to looking chic on a budget is to choose fabrics and cuts that flatter and don't look cheap.  Structured pieces in a cotton blend are good choices, as well as patent pumps- which can look pricey even though they're not.  Also keep in mind that a classic color palette of neutrals will always look elegant and put-together.  Here are my picks that will have you looking great on a budget:


  1. One of my budget savvy tricks: ebay! I buy everything from athletic shoes to coats on ebay, you can get new items that may be "seconds" that are missing a tag, or have a small hole, etc.. or used items (make sure to wash everything before you wear it!)very cheap. Also thrift stores are great, as well as upscale resale stores have great finds.

    1. Thanks for sharing! These are great tips! The discount stores like Ross and Marshalls are also fabulous, unfortunately they don't have merchandise on their website so I can't really show pictures- but that is my number one budget shopping tip.