Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cute Casualwear for Around the House

Reader question:

I live with two roommates, and they often have friends and other guests over to the apartment during the evening and weekend.  Can you please describe a cute-casual look that I can wear around the house without being embarrassed when friends-of-friends come over?

When you share a living space and you're never quite sure when guests will be coming over, it's a good idea to keep your around-the-house wear a bit nicer than usual.  Stay away from sweatpants, fuzzy slippers, silk robes and short nightgowns to avoid an embarrassing moment.  Instead, opt for comfy, cozy versions of the clothes you would normally wear to run casual errands.  I would recommend soft, slouchy sweaters with your favorite jean legging or corduroy legging (as pictured above.)  Paired with a great pair of flats and a casual-chic scarf, this look is presentable yet comfortable.  If you like dresses, a soft jersey dress can also be a great option.

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