Monday, February 13, 2012

Trends Women Love But Men Don't Understand

Red Lipstick
Red lips are dramatic, but I've heard from many guys that a heavy red lip as shown above can be distracting.  You want your date to be looking at YOU all night, not at your lipstick.

In honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow, I thought it would be a good time to explore the trends that women love but men don't get.  If you have a date planned for Valentine's Day, it's a good idea to keep these in mind- I'm sure the man in your life will appreciate the concession- even if you just put down the platform pumps for one night!;) 

Lots of Makeup
In general, men don't like the look of heavy makeup.  They think it makes women look "fake", "unnatural", and "high maintenance."  *However* in my opinion men do like the look of makeup, they just don't like to see it.  For example, my husband likes that I "don't wear a lot of makeup"- my secret is that I do, I just keep it very natural:)  See Christina looking lovely below with subtle, natural makeup:

A more guy-friendly makeup look:

Natural makeup for day:
Here is a link to a nice tutorial for natural looking date makeup by Lisa Eldridge: A First Date Look.

Natural makeup for evening: 

Dark Manicures
Dark manicures are so hot right now.  However, men who aren't that fashionable tend to see "gothic" rather than fashion-forward. 

A more guy-friendly option:
A natural manicure always looks great.

Dark Smokey Eye Makeup
You see:

He sees:
Guys see a very dark, smokey eye and think it looks like too much makeup.  For some men this look also reads "gothic" or "raccoon."  For date night, a little smoke goes a long way, so use a light hand.  

Sky-high Heels
You see:

He sees:
Platform heels are having a major moment right now.  They make your legs look miles long, but men find them to be too much and kind of trashy.  Also if your date is short you don't want to tower over him.  Save these for girls' night out.

Experimental Fashion
Experimental fashion has its place, but if you walk into a restaurant looking like this your date will most likely be unnerved and possibly even scared.  

Guy-friendly option:
For a date, a clean, classic dress that shows your curves and makes your natural beauty shine is the best bet.   

Can you think of other looks that women love and men hate?  It's always interesting to me the things women do in the name of fashion that have their guys at a complete loss:)

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