Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Flawless Figure: Lingerie and Shapewear Guide

Reader question:

I recently bought the dress (pictured above) from Michael Kors, and had to return it because I couldn't find the right lingerie to wear with it.  The dress made me look lumpy under my arms and on my back, and any underwear I wore with it showed through the dress.  What types of lingerie or shapewear would solve this problem?  I traded the dress in for this going out dress (pictured below), and I'd appreciate your thoughts about the best lingerie for this dress and well.

The right foundation garments are a crucial part of every woman's wardrobe.  No matter how expensive or beautiful your clothes are, they can be ruined by a black bra strap hanging out of your sleeve, and exposed panty line, or a see-through moment.  Unfortunately, the undergarments that make a smooth, seamless silhouette possible are not the most exciting or pretty.  Truth be told, the go-to for every woman having problems with exposed underwear and lumps and bumps is nude bras, panties, and shapewear (if you need it.)  NUDE lingerie- not blush or white- is the best at magically disappearing under your clothes and making your outfit the star (not your lingerie.)  Trust me that it works.  

For the blue dress, bra straps can show and peek out under boat-neck style dresses, so a nude, strapless bra is the best way to go:

 A bra that fits correctly shouldn't cause lumps and bumps, so I'd recommend having a bra fitting at your favorite lingerie store.  It's a good idea to get fitted when you buy bras, because even a 5 - 10 lb. change in your weight can cause a change in your size.  

If you're still having trouble with lumps and bumps, you can try a bustier-style, strapless shapewear garment like this:

Finally, if your underwear is showing through your dress, try a nude, barely there string-style thong.  Go a size up if you need to so the panty doesn't cut into your skin.  I know people like the boy-short and full coverage panties that are *supposedly* seamless- but if the dress is thin enough you can still see the panty lines.  If you really need to have no lines showing these will do the trick:

For the gold cocktail dress, I'd recommend a plunging strapless bra- yes, in nude fabric!  Even though the dress has thin straps, you really need a strapless bra so your bra straps don't show.  If you need a bit more support, try a multi-way bra that you can cross like an "X" in the back.  Hope this helps!!

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