Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to Wear Scarves

Reader question:

Can you talk about the right way to wear scarves?  I just bought this scarf from Nordstrom and I'm wondering how to wear it.

Scarves are the best way to dress up any outfit in a flash.  They are one of my favorite accessories because they're so easy to throw on and instantly add style to even the most basic jeans and tee ensemble.  There are many ways to wear scarves, but there are two variations that I find are really easy, quick, and consistently look great.  First is to loop the scarf once around your neck (called the "modern one loop" in the video below and shown above on L.C.)  The second is to fold the scarf in half length-wise, wrap it around your neck, and thread the tail through the loop you created at one end (called the "european loop" in the video.)  You can also simply drape the scarf on either side of your neck for a very cool rocker-inspired look (called the "classic drape" in the video.)  These variations are so versatile and always look thoroughly modern and non-fussy.  I wear scarves like this on casual days with a jersey top, skinny jeans, and a great flat shoe.  It's a no-fail, easy-elegant casual look!  In winter, use a chunkier knit scarf and sweater, and a light silky scarf and top for warmer months.  For work, I think a scarf looks great knotted simply and tucked into your jacket as discussed here.

If you're looking for more inspiration, this video has a pretty jaw-dropping array of scarf-tying variations- as many as you'll need in a lifetime, I'm sure!  And finally, here is some additional inspiration from Kim K., a lady who loves her scarves as much as I do: 

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  1. Thank you once again Emily for the awesome advice! LOVE the video, so creative, can't wait to try them all!