Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Search of (non-boring) Suits

I recently had an important event that called for a classic black suit.  In looking for different options, I realized how difficult it is to find black suiting that is not mind-numbingly boring.  Head-to-toe black in a conservative suit is a hard look to pull off, and there isn't much out there in the way of "fun" black suiting.  What you can do to liven up this look (and make it infinitely more flattering) is to break up the suit and mix and match different jackets and skirts/pants in coordinating colors and patterns.  It's great to play with color and texture by adding a pop of red, stripes, or lace in your jacket or skirt/pant. A brightly colored shell or one with an interesting pattern also helps to add personality to a dull black suit.  Another great trick I use is to belt your jacket- that is putting the belt over the outside of your suit coat- to cinch your waist.  This creates an hourglass silhouette and provides the opportunity to add additional color and texture to the look.  Playing with jewelry and scarves also ups the style quotient of a basic black suit. Try any of these options to wake up your basic black suit!

Belt it!  Add a statement belt over a skirt or jacket:

A striped skirt livens up a black blazer:

Try a textured skirt- eyelet or lace are great for summer:

A delicately printed top elevates a basic black suit:

A bold, beautiful shell adds color to your look and brightens your face:

A lace jacket paired with a black skirt is a fresh, feminine look for summer:

Try a striped blazer with a solid colored skirt/pant for spring:

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