Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sizzling Summer Shorts and Minis

Reader question:

Can you please make a post on shorts and mini skirts?  It's getting warm and I'm planning on shopping for summer clothes soon.

Shorts and mini skirts can be tricky to wear because they're not very forgiving for your legs.  I personally don't wear shorts because my legs are curvy and I also have very pale skin.  But if your legs are one of your favorite assets and you love to show them off- by all means flaunt it!  Keep your legs in tip-top shape by using a little *carefully applied* self-tanner or self-tanning lotion.  Also, if you have any blemishes you can hide them with a little makeup (it's not just for your face ladies!)  I believe Makeup Forever has makeup that is made for covering scars, blemishes, and even tattoos all over your body (I'd confirm with the ladies at Sephora which type/shade is best for you.)  Once your legs are looking amazing like those pictured above, these shorts and minis will have you looking HOT this summer!

For day:
*This pair is also very cute

I love the look of a crisp, tailored pair of shorts for day.  These would be perfection paired with a simple thong sandal, button-down shirt, classic sunglasses and a gorgeous clutch for a glam but casual day look.

Dress the look up for a casual evening out by adding a fun wedge sandal:

For a dressier evening out, add sequins to your shorts or mini for a really hot summer look:

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