Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Trend Guide: How to Wear Pleated Skirts

Reader question:

I was wondering if you could talk about other spring trends and how to wear them.  For example, I've seen a lot of pleated skirts in stores- can you discuss how to wear this trend?

Pleated skirts can be as versatile as any other skirt in your wardrobe.  The good thing about a ladylike pleated skirt in a neutral color is that it can be work-appropriate with a nice blouse and pumps, and can be dressed down with a tank top and sandals.  Pleated skirts are usually a delicate chiffon material, so I'd recommend pairing them with lightweight, silky tops tucked into the skirt for a balanced look.  A white collared shirt or a chambray denim shirt as pictured above would also look great for the weekend.

Pleated skirts can read "dowdy" and "old lady", so I'd recommend a knee-length or shorter skirt in a non-floral design to keep the look fresh and up-to-date. Also, if you're tempted by a pleated skirt in a hi-low design, keep in mind that any kind of strange hem detail tends to be very trendy and usually only works for one season.  Asymmetric hems don't do much for your body and tend to make you look kind of lopsided.  They draw the eye to the hem of the garment rather than to what should be the focus- you!  Also, this is another one of those trends that guys don't really get (They think: "Why is your skirt uneven?")  Stick with a knee length (or above) pleated skirt in a neutral or bright, beautiful color for a look that you'll still be able to wear next season.  

For work:

For the weekend:

For evening:

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