Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What to Wear to Your Office Summer Party

Outdoor Picnic / Barbecue:

This post got a great response, so I figured that with summer office party season beginning it's a good time to talk about office-casual-chic!  When attending a social event with work colleagues, there is always a very fine line between event-appropriate attire and maintaining a professional, promotion-worthy appearance at all times.  It's nice to believe that swimming in your boss' boss' swimming pool in your bikini is just fine, but the truth is that a work social event is still an extension of your office.  Just because it looks like a family barbecue or picnic does not mean you should dress the way you would with your family.  

When in doubt, stick with tailored pieces that are traditionally conservative in a lighter, more casual fabric than what you'd wear to the office.  Think of your "work-casual" outfit more as a casual version of a suit.  That way, you will ensure that you're still appropriately covered for even the most conservative of eyes, and no one will be picturing you in your bikini come the Monday morning budget meeting.  Here's to keeping it cool, comfortable, and classy at all your work social events this summer!!

Outdoor Picnic:

Stadium Sporting Event:

*If it's a horse race add:

Boat Ride / Waterfront Dinner:

If it's chilly add:

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