Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Completing the Look

A lot of women struggle with the problem of having a closet full of clothes and "nothing to wear."  It is a phenomenon that both irritates women and confounds the men in their lives.  How can you have so many clothes and nothing that works for your day?  Either because a) your clothes are not appropriate for your lifestyle or b) you didn't "complete the look."  

Here's how this happens: many women shop without planning.  They buy whatever item they find in stores that looks cute or catches their eye.  Then they bring it home, put it in their closet, and realize they can't wear it because they don't have a matching skirt, shoes, purse, jewelry etc. to go with that item.  It then sits in the closet adding to your collection of clothes that you don't wear!  So sad.

The answer to this problem is to make sure to compete the look every time you buy something new.  Forget that old rule that "everything you buy should go with at least 3 things in your closet."  It won't do you any good if your new top goes with your jeans, a skirt, and your black pants if you don't have a pair of shoes or bag that coordinates with any of those outfits (you have three almost outfits, but still "nothing to wear.") *Don't forget that you also need the appropriate undergarments to complete the look (for ideas see this post.) 

I have almost the exact same dress above (similar print, same style and designer) in my closet.  Here's how I'd complete the look for a dressy-casual day out.  Do this with just one piece in your own closet to start and I promise you'll be so happy the next time you wonder "what should I wear..." and there will be your complete, perfect, ready to go outfit!  

Casual daytime look:

Dress it up for evening:

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