Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Reader question:

My wedding is coming up in just a few weeks and I want to make sure I don't get any tan lines when I lay out.  Can you show some options for bandeau top bikinis?

You are smart to stick with bandeau-style bikinis before your wedding.  It can be VERY difficult to erase stubborn tan lines once they are there and you don't need one more thing to worry about on your big day! There are so many great options available this season.  The bandeau style is always popular, but is coming back bigger than ever thanks to the resurgence of retro swimsuits.  Victoria's Secret has many to chose from, and you can find good, inexpensive, basic suits at stores like Old Navy and Target as well.  Happy shopping - and sunning! (But remember: "Put your sunblock on because it's rays today, raisins tomorrow"!! -Fran Drescher, The Beautician and the Beast")

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