Friday, May 25, 2012

Date Night!

Casual Dinner at Lauriol Plaza

Reader question:

I signed up for a dating site and now I have a lot of first dates planned.  I need ideas for cute but not too dressy date looks.  Can you help?

When dressing for a date, especially a first date, you want to look for something that is comfortable, chic, and uniquely you!  Don't try be someone you're not on a first date- be yourself, but obviously a glam version;)   For summer, you can never go wrong with a breezy dress in a beautiful color that complements your complexion.  Keep the details simple (like a pretty sash at the waist pictured below), so your outfit doesn't distract your date from getting to know you.  The focus should be on you and your gorgeous face - and figure!  If you don't feel like wearing a dress, a cute pair of shorts and a fun top can be another great option.  

Remember to keep the overall look flirty but classy - leave a little something to the imagination!!  Also,  don't overdo it with the fashion forward trends- guys especially won't get this and they'll likely be confused or put off by your neon nails, towering platform stilettos, arm party or rainbow eyeshadow.  Here are some looks that are guaranteed to get rave reviews:

Drinks at the Georgetown Waterfront

Rooftop Dinner and Dancing on U Street

Coffee and Gelato at Boccato in Clarendon

Nats Game

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