Wednesday, May 23, 2012

High Heels for Beginners

Reader question:

I have a question for you: do you have any recommendations for women who don't typically wear heels, but want to start? Kind of like training heels? Casual with jeans or closed toes for work?

Ladies: For those of you that are afraid of high heels, let me tell you - WEDGES are your best friend.  Not only are they super fashionable this season, but they also provide the perfect support and height you'd want in "training heels" (love that expression by the way!!)  Try a lower wedge to start (1 - 2"), and then work your way up from there to something like this.  Sooner than you know it, you'll be saying "4" - oh no big deal!!" Then I'd graduate to a chunky stiletto heel.

Start with:

And work your way up to:
At work, wedges can be tricky, so I'd recommend the always chic kitten heel for starters.

Start with:

And work your way up to:

The key to mastering high heels is to practice around the house.  There's nothing more to it than that.  Also, keep an eye on the height of the arch.  Basically the higher the heel, the larger the platform on the sole you need to keep the shoe comfortable.  A 4" heel with a non-existent sole leads to pain and burning in the arch and ball of your foot- the kind of pain that has many women kicking off their shoes on the dance floor and swearing to "never wear heels again."  Do yourself a favor and keep the platform high if the heels are high- this way there is less pressure on the foot, and you're much more likely to be a happy camper in your heels!

This will be more uncomfortable:

This will be more comfortable:

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