Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sizzling Summer Swim for Every BODY

Small Bust

Now that temperatures are really heating up, it's time to think about summer swimwear!  This is a topic that has most women rolling their eyes and thinking angry thoughts about the gym, but the truth is that there's a swimsuit out there to complement every body type.  The same principles apply to swimwear as to any other outfit you put on your body.  Play up the features you like and downplay the ones you don't.  For a small bust, details like ruffles, fringe, and bandeau tops work well.  Larger busts require more support, and are better suited (no pun intended:) to halter top, bra-top, and one-piece styles.  If you are very curvy, try a suit with coverage and control on top and bottom, like a halter+skirt combo or a retro-inspired, skirted one piece.  If you're concerned about baring your midsection, look for a suit with built-in control.  Victoria's Secret has some very cute designs this season that are as attractive as they are supportive.  For plus size ladies I love the look of an elegant tankini or a chic swim dress. Finally, don't forget that if you're pale, a layer of self tanner does wonders for getting you bathing-suit ready.  Happy hunting!

Small Bust

Large Bust


Tummy Troubles

Plus Size

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