Monday, July 23, 2012

How to Accessorize With Colorful Shoes

Jennifer Lopez

I love a nude pump as much as the next girl, and they are an absolute wardrobe staple, but right now it's so fresh to rock a colored shoe.  If you like colored shoes but aren't sure how to wear them, let me assure you it is really easy and you will look fab!  There are two very simple tricks to getting the colored shoe look right, and accomplishing a look that is "wow" and not "weird.."  1) The easiest way to make this look work is to pick one color out of your outfit and wear a shoe in that color.  It will really make the look pop, and will coordinate perfectly.  Check out Lea Michelle below for an example of how this is done- see how she pulled a gray shoe to match that tiny strip of gray in her dress?  Flawless!  2) If you're feeling more daring, choose a shoe in a complementary color to your outfit (see J.Lo above doing this above like a PRO!)  Either pick a color near to the color of your outfit (e.g. Rose Byrne mixing purple and fuchsia below) or choose a color that is opposite the main color in your outfit (e.g. J.Lo mixing opposites pink and lime green above.) Voila- color matching made easy!  This works too for mixing and matching colors in your wardrobe.  For example, a fuchsia blouse mixed with a navy pencil skirt for work would be beautiful.  If you want to go more conservative, I also love pairing an all black or black and gray ensemble with a colored shoe like Mila and Kristin have done below.

*I found all of these examples on an awesome website - ShoeRazzi.  For more inspiration, and if you're a shoe lover especially, this is a must-read!  Because let's face it, it's all about the shoes... :)

The color wheel

Lea Michele

Rose Byrne

Blake Lively

Mila Kunis

Kelly Rowland

Rachel Bilson

Kristen Stewart

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