Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

The Wrap Engagement Ring with a Round Diamond

Ciao chicas! (Y Chicos if we have any reading;)  I'm sorry I've been posting so sporadically lately, and thought I'd let you in on why.  I'm thrilled to announce that I'll soon be launching an amazing online boutique full of gorgeous finds for you all!!  The reason I've been away is because I've been busy sourcing all of the goodies for the boutique, ensuring that it will be full of the cutest and best lovelies you'll find anywhere.  Please bear with me while I am putting this exciting new project together, and I promise it will be SO worth it!!  More soon, and for now, please sign up for the email list so you can get new posts sent directly to your email (sign up is at the top left of the page.)

Annnnd without further ado, I wanted to touch on an issue that keeps coming up with female friends, colleagues, and clients.  Engagement ring shopping!!!  We shop all the time, and what could be more important than the piece of jewelry you'll wear for a lifetime?!?  Here are my top tips for finding the perfect engagement ring:

18K Rose Gold Diamond Piaget Rose Ring

1.  Find your style.  Browse through as many pictures, catalogues, and shop around as much as necessary to find exactly what you're looking for.  To start, Martha Stewart weddings has a great gallery of popular ring styles that you can browse through to find your favorite: Wedding Jewelry Finder.  They have a lot of lovely styles, and you'll get a good sense of what's out there.

1/3 Carat Diamond Ring

2.  Picture wearing it every day.  Remember, you need to be able to see yourself wearing whatever you choose EVERY DAY with EVERY OUTFIT you own.  Be sure that the ring is true to your style and lifestyle and will "work" for everyday.  For example, my girlfriend who is a dental hygienist wants a ring like the one above which won't be impossible to wear under her latex gloves every day at the office- smart AND gorgeous!!

Rose Gold 1/6 Carat Diamond Ring

3.  Be unique and creative.  You don't have to buy into the "bigger the better" hype.  Believe me, diamonds (and other stones) are beautiful in every size, and smaller stones and especially pave settings are SO hot right now (as you can see almost every ring here incorporates these tiny, super delicate diamonds.)  You don't have to sport a huge rock to show you're engaged and in love- you really can find a style to suit any taste and budget, and as you can see here the tiniest diamonds can be absolutely stunning (love them!)

Piaget Rose Ring

4.  Four words: Insurance and Lifetime Warranty!!  Make sure that you are completely insured, and that you buy from a well-respected, established jeweler that offers a lifetime warranty.  As perfect as these rings look in the store that first day when you fall in love, wear and tear happens and you will need repairs.  Be sure that you're prepared, so in the event that you lose a diamond (or two or three), there'll be a quick, painless solution in place so you don't have to cry.  

Diamond Ring 1/2 Carat Rose Gold

5.  Do your homework.  Learn the ABCs of cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.  Your diamonds should also be GIA certified and come with paperwork verifying their attributes and value.  Here is a link to the Gemological Institute of America's guide: GIA Guide to the 4Cs.  

6.  Consider upkeep.  Here are some things to keep in mind when making your choice:  a) If you decide on a white gold ring, keep in mind that it will need to be "re-dipped" every 6 - 12 months, depending on how quickly the "white" wears off.  It's additional upkeep you should be aware of from the start.  b) Similarly, the jeweler probably won't tell you this, but if you choose a pave style, those delicate little diamonds are also more likely to fall out of their tiny prong closures over time.  If you choose this setting, diamonds will likely need to be replaced at some point.  c) Diamonds are not indestructible, and they can break (shocker- I know!)  Be gentle with your ring to limit wear and tear.

6.  Tell your confidants.  A very handy tip: pick out what you like and make sure your mother, sister and best friend know your preferences.  These trusted confidants will guide your significant other when the time is right:)  Remember you'll wear your ring forever, so be sure it's exactly what you want!