Monday, December 30, 2013

Girls' Night Out Outfit Ideas

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"Oh yes it's ladies night...!";) If you're headed out on the town this winter for a good old fashioned girls' night out, here are some perfect outfit ideas that will strike the right balance between flirty, but not over the top.  Sparkle and shine are your best friends for a girls' night out.  Pair with fun metallic accessories for a gorgeous look that will have you dancing the night away in style! 

Hope everyone has a fabulous New Year's Eve and a wonderful 2014!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Top Winter Sweater Trends

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Sweater weather is upon us, and I am pleased to report that this year there are MANY awesome new ways to style this cozy wardrobe go-to.  This holiday season, swap out the traditional ugly holiday sweater for a fun jeweled sweater or animal print sweater!  Complete the look with a gorgeous necklace to dress up the look, and keep the rest of your outfit simple with a basic skirt or jeans to let your sassy sweater shine!;)  Wishing everyone a happy AND stylish holiday!! 


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cute Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas

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A leather jacket is an absolute wardrobe must-have for both men and women.  Whether real or faux, this effortlessly cool piece is a style staple that stands the test of time.  Ladies, try an on-trend, cropped moto-style leather jacket this season, paired with a skinny jean and sweater or a dress and some rockin' boots for a can't miss, super stylish look!  

Monday, December 9, 2013

Cute Outfit Ideas for Chilly Winter Nights

Après-ski Outfit Ideas - powered by eHow

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In honor of the frosty weather we've been getting, today's video seems particularly appropriate!  The latest installment in my winter style series talks about cute evening outfit ideas to wear after a day on the slopes.  Wear these looks après-ski, or for any chilly evening this winter when you want to look warm and cute!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How to Wear a Beret

Baby it's cold outside!! If you're looking for a stylish way to keep those ears warm this winter, check out today's video on ways to wear a beret!  A beret is a truly timeless, elegant way to complete your outerwear look this winter.  Pair with other ladylike pieces for a classic winter look that will be fashion forward, functional and FABULOUS:)


Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Secret to Comfy High Heels

*Despite the 5" heel on these, reviewers describe them as comfortable- this is thanks to the platform on the ball of the foot.

Reader question:

I am normally a flats/flip flops type of person. I wear heels when I have a special event to go to or occasionally at the office. Something I noticed when wearing heels was that my feet (particularly the balls of my feet) would be in a good deal of pain by the end of the event or working day. What tips would you have to ease the discomfort when you're wearing heels? What sort of heels would you recommend for someone in my situation, particularly for the warmer months?

I get a LOT of questions about comfortable footwear for women, and it's always funny to me because I am definitely someone who probably thinks of comfort close to last when selecting my footwear;) However I have been wearing heels pretty much daily since about the 9th grade and I do know quite a bit about how to work a heel.  If you have actual foot problems you should consult your podiatrist about what footwear is most appropriate for you to wear.  But if you have normal feet and simply are experiencing pain in the balls of the feet after wearing them, here are some tips that I have found alleviate any pain so that I can wear heels all day without any problems:

1. Make sure the shoes fit comfortably to start with. If you try on a heeled shoe and it pinches, binds, or hurts in any way in the store do NOT buy it!  A great pair of shoes are a fabulous pleasure for the well-heeled woman, and should not under any circumstance be a torture device.  If they hurt from the start, toss 'em.

*A reasonable 3 1/2" heel and a comfy rounded toe make these a good bet for work.

2. Repeat after me: platforms are your friend!!! The pain in the ball of your foot is caused by this simple equation: the angle of the heel + the lack of any padding under the ball of the foot =  your entire body weight resting squarely on the ball of the foot - ouch!

These shoes are HOT, but one reviewer described them as "insanely uncomfortable" and I believe it. There is absolutely no support under the ball of the foot and the precipitous drop of the 4 1/2" heel makes these a gorgeous shoe that you'll probably want to take off 20 min into wearing them.

A comfier choice:
These have an amazing 5 1/4" heel, yet reviewers describe them as 'incredibly comfy', 'very comfy' and 'great to dance in.' It's all about the platform baby!

3. If all else fails, try a lower heel: It may seem obvious, but especially in a work environment there are many stylish heeled shoes that are quite low (and therefore more comfortable.) The eternally chic kitten heel will be your best friend, and strappy cutouts are ideal for a warmer climate:

In summary: The path to high heel happiness lies in decreasing the severity of the angle between the heel and the ball of the foot. This is achieved by having either a lower heel, or some kind of padding under the ball of the foot, like a platform or wedge. By decreasing the angle of the heel you increase the surface area of the foot that is supporting your body weight, and thereby decrease the pressure on the ball of the foot. This equals comfort. Wait, did this conversation about high heels just get science-y?;) Anyway trust me, the equation works! Stick to this principle, combined with a decently well-made shoe, and you WILL be able to wear high heels as much as you want to (like me.) The only time I don't wear heels is when it slows me down (walking the dog, running errands, exercising, walking on grass etc.), not because of any discomfort, so I can confidently say that I have solved this problem! Hope it works for you, and please let me know the results!! *P.S. If you're uncomfortable walking in heels, really do practice walking around the house in them- it will help.

Happy high heel trails,

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ladylike Outfits for Work

I am always looking for ways to update my work wardrobe, and this year I am most inspired by ladylike style icons like the Duchess of Cambridge herself- Kate Middleton.  Here are some awesome dresses currently on sale at Ann Taylor that would be absolutely perfect for work. The regular sizes are sold out on the website, but I visited the store last night and they are still available in the sale section so hop to it if you like these styles!  Pair them with timelessly elegant accessories like pearl and pave jewels, a delicate handbag, pumps and black or nude hosiery for a look that the Duchess would certainly approve of!

Wear it with:

Wear it with:

Monday, November 4, 2013

How to Style Ethnic Print Items

Today I am thrilled to partner with MarketPlace: Handwork of India, a nonprofit trade organization that works to empower women artisans in India through fair trade and leadership programs.  Women's education is a cause that is very close to my heart and I am honored to be able to style a piece from their fall line.  

This Kamini Tunic is really cute in person- it has a tie to cinch the waist but I would go a step further and belt the tunic with a fun belt like this one.  When styling ethnic pieces it's a good idea to incorporate modern accessories to update the look.  I think this would be perfect for fall styled with a cropped jacket, tall boots and a cool fringe bag.

You can learn more about MarketPlace: Handwork of India's mission and the women artisans they work with on their website (oh and do a little shopping too- for a good cause of course!;)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

European Style Report


Buongiorno/Ciao/Hola chicos y chicas!

I just returned from an amazing trip to Europe and of course besides the awe-inspiring culture my favorite part is ALWAYS the fashion.  I always think of Europe as the chicest, most elegant place for fashion (and I still feel this way), but I have to admit that I was quite surprised by some of the trends that are happening right now across the pond.  In Italy I was most impressed by the men's fashion, and did see a few impeccably dressed men walking the streets as in the photos above.  Very nice.   Surprisingly, I didn't find that much to write home about in terms of women's street styles.  The Gucci Museum in Florence did have some ravishing looks, for example Blake Lively's red carpet dress pictured below:



The prevailing street style trend I saw in Barcelona was completely unexpected.  I would describe it as sort of a hipster-backpacker meets alt-rocker look with some half-shaved heads and a LOT of what I would call "Hammer Pants" being worn everywhere.  Apparently the "Hammer" pants are a huge look in Europe right now, so much so that my Euro friends were surprised I even noticed them!  I can't say I am 100% on board with this look yet, as it does remind me a little too much of this:

Photo credit 1, 2

From what I could see the youth fashion in Europe seems to have taken an overwhelming turn toward a kind of punk/hipster/return to the 90's hybrid: skinny jeans, half-shirts and half-shorts, and creepers.  I have to say the girls above were rocking the look, complete with matching black and white moto helmets!  I loved it.  The cheeks hanging out below... not so much...


I studied abroad in southern Spain in college, and I will always admire the ultra put together, polished prep look that the Sevillanos do so well. For me Seville is the land of Zara, Massimo Dutti, skinny jeans, collared shirts, belts and dainty ballet flats.  I have never seen women so well put together as in the Zara in the Seville city center- absolutely flawless.  The Sevillano men are equally dapper in their dress, as pictured (and brilliantly lampooned) above.

In sum, European street style is quite the mixed bag right now, but certainly never a dull moment between the old blue blood styles and the new on-the-edge youth styles! O-le!:) (But really I hope the hammer pants and half-shorts do NOT come to the US;)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cute Outfits with Trench Coats

Trench Coat Outfit Ideas -- powered by eHow 

Hi Ladies!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far:)  Today I'm talking over at about how to style everyone's favorite summer jacket- the trench coat!  I love love love a trench coat for spring and summer.  It's the perfect light jacket for cooler and rainy days, yet summery enough to look appropriate in the warmer months.  There are so many great options out there that are fun takes on the traditional khaki trench coat.  Check out the video for cute ways to style a trench and keep it stylish even in rainy weather!


Friday, July 19, 2013

How to Wear a Fedora

How to Wear a Straw Fedora - powered by eHow 

Hi Ladies!

I have been noticing sooo many fashionistas rocking fedoras this summer.  It is such a fun trend and is a great way to keep shaded AND stylish in the summer sun.  Fedoras also have a really effortless, chic European look to them which I love.  Check out the second video in my style series with for ideas about how to wear the look this summer.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cute Dresses to Wear to a Bridal Shower

Hi Ladies,

I'm so excited to share the first in a video series of "How-To" style videos I recently filmed with  We're talking how to wear the hottest summer trends- check out the first video on What to Wear to a Bridal Shower - featuring lots of cute looks coming soon to Cosita Boutique!  For more ideas, see this post, and if you have any summer style questions feel free to message me or enter them in the comments.

Enjoy and hope you're having a fabulous summer!


Friday, March 1, 2013

How to Wear Leather Leggings

Hi Ladies,

I have a fun post for you today, which is a short video I made on how to wear the leather leggings look that has been so hot this season.  I loved this look but worried how it would look on curvy ladies like myself, so I had to try it before I recommended it to you all!  I tried these out and have been wearing them non-stop this winter to fun fashion events and date nights.  The trick to pulling these off is to pair them with a tunic style top that covers your rear end.  That way they look edgy and glam, but you avoid the Sandy in Grease look!:)  

If you have shorter legs (like me), I also find that wearing these leggings with a pointy toe pump really helps to elongate your leg and make the look even more flattering.  I love wearing them with these gold cap toe pumps, a tunic top and a blazer.  I've also worn the leggings with Cosita Boutique's suede fringe boot and a cozy, tunic style sweater and they look really cute like that too! 

Try this look this weekend for a fun, edgy going out look!  I know you'll love it:)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun Going Out Ideas for the Weekend

I adore this skirt- the metallic shimmer makes it really special. I might be wearing it as I write this;)  Looks amazing paired with opaque black tights, black booties and a black jacket.

Hola chicas!

Happy Friday and almost weekend!!  If you're already thinking about your weekend plans and possibly what cute outfit you'll wear tonight, I'm right there with you:)  Here are some picks from the boutique that I think would be absolutely stunning going out options for this weekend:

Another great option is this super flirty off-the-shoulder dress.  This would be a perfect choice for date night, again simply add black tights, booties, and an oh-so-cool black leather fringe hobo and you're good to go!

Such a cute bag that can work for everyday or a fun night out.

Leatherette leggings are another perfect choice for a weekend going-out look.  I love wearing these paired with a long tunic top with metallic accents like this tunic with shoulder epaulettes.

Finally, for a fun, casual night out you can't beat this bronze sequin top. It strikes the perfect balance between casual and glam and looks perfect paired with olive skinny jeans and pumps.  I love the olive shimmer jeans because they're a fun alternative to regular black or blue.  Gold cap toe pumps and a bag with zipper hardware complete the look perfectly!

Happy Weekend everyone- hope it's a great one! 


Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Look Glam in Winter

This sweater is as warm and cozy as it is stylish.  The perfect winter sweater in my opinion!

With freezing rain and gray days it's easy to feel down and get into a style rut.  I know I personally have been reaching for these bad boys lately and judging by the fact that they're sold out it seems I'm not the only one;)

But just because the weather is awful doesn't mean you can't look great.  Brightening up your winter look doesn't have to mean wearing extremely bright clothes, which I think can look garish.  Instead, I like to embrace a dark, glam look with lots of black on black.  Have fun with an edgier, more rocker look than you'd normally wear in the summer months- now is the time when you can get away with it!  Add visual interest to the black with fun accents like zippers, studs, shimmer and lace.  Here are some awesome pieces from the boutique that I'm loving for the dark winter weather:

A winter wardrobe staple.

Loooove this black zipper jacket! You can unzip the zipper to wear it as a shorter, cropped jacket- how fun is that?:)

The gold cap toe pumps are an essential item for brightening your winter wardrobe.  They add so much style to any look- I wear mine all the time and they look great with jeans or a cocktail dress!

I'm obsessed with these gorgeous gold studs- the picture doesn't do them justice.  They add a subtle, edgy glam quality to any winter look. LOVE them.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Introducing Cosita Boutique

Look 1: Multicolor Sweater with Cutouts: $70.00, Chalet Skirt: $72.00, Fringe Boots: $199.00
Look 2: Angel Blouse: $75.00, Bon Voyage Skirt: $68.00, Black Suede Ankle Boot: $120.00

Hi everyone,

It is with great pleasure and great pride that I present exactly what has been taking me away from the blog for the past few months!  May I present my new online clothing boutique - Cosita Boutique (find it at Since I was about 16 years old I dreamt of a store that could make looking fabulous easy; a store that would take the guesswork out of looking great every day. Between us, I got tired of looking for such a place and decided it was high time to create it myself!  And so began Cosita Boutique, a boutique created by a personal stylist, where every look is handpicked and completely styled to perfection. Basically, it's like having a personal stylist in your closet:)

I hope you enjoy all of the looks I've created for the boutique. From now on Secrets of a Stylist and Cosita Boutique will work closely together to spread easy, everyday glamour everywhere.  

Xo, Emily

Look 1: Angel Blouse: $75.00, Olive Skinny Jeans: $72.00, Leopard Print Booties: $140.00, Fringe Hobo in Caramel: $298.00

Look 1: Cafe Sweater: $75.00, Washed Floral Skinny Jeans: $82.00, Fringe Boots: $199.00
Look 2: Audrey Jacket: $98.00, Burgundy Peplum Top: $58.00, Brocade Skinny Jeans: $88.00 

Look 1: Black Zipper Satchel: $258.00, Chloe Zipper Jacket: $110.00, Black Skinny Jeans: $80.00, Fringe Boots: $199.00

Look 1: Striped Sweaterdress: $85.00, Fringe Boots: $199.00  
Look 2: Red Cocktail Dress: $98.00, Black Suede Ankle Boot: $120.00