Friday, January 11, 2013

Introducing Cosita Boutique

Look 1: Multicolor Sweater with Cutouts: $70.00, Chalet Skirt: $72.00, Fringe Boots: $199.00
Look 2: Angel Blouse: $75.00, Bon Voyage Skirt: $68.00, Black Suede Ankle Boot: $120.00

Hi everyone,

It is with great pleasure and great pride that I present exactly what has been taking me away from the blog for the past few months!  May I present my new online clothing boutique - Cosita Boutique (find it at Since I was about 16 years old I dreamt of a store that could make looking fabulous easy; a store that would take the guesswork out of looking great every day. Between us, I got tired of looking for such a place and decided it was high time to create it myself!  And so began Cosita Boutique, a boutique created by a personal stylist, where every look is handpicked and completely styled to perfection. Basically, it's like having a personal stylist in your closet:)

I hope you enjoy all of the looks I've created for the boutique. From now on Secrets of a Stylist and Cosita Boutique will work closely together to spread easy, everyday glamour everywhere.  

Xo, Emily

Look 1: Angel Blouse: $75.00, Olive Skinny Jeans: $72.00, Leopard Print Booties: $140.00, Fringe Hobo in Caramel: $298.00

Look 1: Cafe Sweater: $75.00, Washed Floral Skinny Jeans: $82.00, Fringe Boots: $199.00
Look 2: Audrey Jacket: $98.00, Burgundy Peplum Top: $58.00, Brocade Skinny Jeans: $88.00 

Look 1: Black Zipper Satchel: $258.00, Chloe Zipper Jacket: $110.00, Black Skinny Jeans: $80.00, Fringe Boots: $199.00

Look 1: Striped Sweaterdress: $85.00, Fringe Boots: $199.00  
Look 2: Red Cocktail Dress: $98.00, Black Suede Ankle Boot: $120.00 

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