Sunday, April 22, 2018

Cute Casual Look for the Weekend

Happy Sunday y'all!  Hope everyone is having a fabulous and restful weekend!  So this may seem kind of silly, but one of the things I struggle with is coming up with cute casual outfits for low key weekend activities (walking the dog, running to the store etc. etc.) EVERY day is a runway in my book, so I want a cute outfit for all of that- thank you very much! Lol;) Annnyway, I overheard some ladies saying the other morning running errands "that's what I hate about spring, no one knows what to wear" lol lol - I think these problems are related so here goes a cute outfit idea for running around on the weekend in the spring weather! Plenty of layers so you can remove/add whatever you need to suit the weather that particular day. Enjoy!

The jacket above is the BEST investment piece for your wardrobe!!! I have two (embarrassed/guilty face;) but I literally wear them ALL the time! All year round! For casual, to and from work, etc. etc.! They go with anything and elevate any outfit.  Seriously one of those wardrobe staple/investment pieces that I really recommend to people because it's going to look really chic and you'll get SO much wear out of it. Any it will stay in style for ever so you'll have it for so many years to come. End rant lol! Anyway I love the coffee bean color above, and also LOVE this one in blue too - how cute!

I LOVE this type of scarf. H&M has great ones. They're super soft and lovely for any time you're feeling a little chilly and need that extra layer of warmth. I bought this one and it's such a beautiful blue color.

You CANNOT go wrong with a henley for the weekend as far as I'm concerned! I love how comfy and cute they are. Casual and effortless at its finest, yet pulled together looking (at least, more pulled-together looking than a tee and yoga pants- haha;)

Favorite jeans ever. Enough said.

I just got these from Target and can say first hand that they are the ULTIMATE cute white sneaker for running around town!  LOVE LOVE LOVE them- these are the type of shoes I know I'll live in this spring/summer and for the price I'm probably going to go back and get a second pair (lol;)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend ladies!!!


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