Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Best Combat Boots for Spring

Sooo.... all I am craving lately is plaid and combat boots! LMAO!!! The 90's called and it wants it's style back- hahaha but seriously though I LOVE combat boots paired with black yoga pants and a tee, or with jeans and tee/henley/plaid for a cute-casual spring look! 

Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you I'm primarily a heels 24/7 girl, but lately I have a lot of outdoor activities on my schedule that require ...more practical footwear - lol! Aaaanyway I love this look! I think it's so cute and cool and slightly British and punk-rock. In a funny way it's also a timeless look, as combat boots are always going to be an a**-kicking addition to your wardrobe.

I am not sure about the practicality of these, but I love the look! So cute. Glitter makes everything more fun.

These. are. AWESOME!!! They have kind of mixed reviews in terms of the quality, but they're so cute I'd be willing to try them out.

I also really like them in black:

And in red!


I also really like these white ones. My only hesitation is I wonder how practical a white boot is... but again, for the price I'd probably give them a try.

These over-the-knee ones are bomb but might be a bit hot for spring. They are pretty fierce though:

The classic:

I have to say I love that these have a zipper compartment for valuables. That's genius! They also come in a BUNCH of different colors. I looked at a LOT of combat boots, but these have great reviews, I love the look and the compartment, and for the price these would probably be my choice.

Happy shopping *and stomping* ladies!


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